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Health Insurers

Empower Your Members to Make Informed Decisions About Their Health

Your goal is to provide comprehensive health coverage, so all your members can live their healthiest lives. But the fact is, consumers find health coverage confusing. They often end up in the wrong health plan, wasting over a thousand dollars a year and feeling dissatisfied or even angry with their insurer.

Improve your member services with MyHealthMath. Our decision support solutions make it easy for members to choose the most cost-efficient plan, maximizing savings while ensuring optimal coverage.

Stand Out from the Competition

Employers have a lot of different health insurance options to choose between. Stand out from the competition by showing employers you take trust and transparency seriously. With Advanced Employee Decision Support, you can help employers and their employees get the most for every healthcare dollar they spend. Enhance your member services and increase member satisfaction.

Our Impact

Increase in employees choosing the optimal plan
Savings per employee
Employee satisfaction rate

Insights and News

These Behavioral Science Techniques Can Help Employees Choose Better Health Plans

People don’t like choosing health insurance. Less than 10 percent of people change plans each year and the majority would rather do three hours of intense physical activity than examine their plan choices more closely. Now, that all needs [...]

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