Our Impact

MyHealthMath has dramatically improved the experience and efficiency of health plan choices made by employers and employees across the country.

How We Make an Impact

Employees are 4x more likely to choose an optimal plan
Average of $1300 savings per employee
95% employee satisfaction with MyHealthMath approach
Employers can save hundreds of dollars per employee, amounting to thousands of savings annually

School Employees Gain Over $2,300 in Savings

MyHealthMath’s personalized decision support prompted employees to choose a better health plan, even when open enrollment took place during one of the busiest times of the academic calendar. By switching to a more optimal plan, employees saved $2,320 on average. 

Medical Employer Saves Hundreds Per Employee

By optimizing benefit selections for a large medical institute, MyHealthMath reduced costs for the employer and their employees and increased Health Savings Account utilization.

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Insights and News

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