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Employee Health Benefits Decision Support

Choosing the most cost-efficient health plan is complicated. That’s why, unlike other solutions, MyHealthMath’s health benefits decision support is centered on people’s individual health needs. Our uniquely personalized approach is simple: by connecting your people with our people, we provide incomparable insight into their individual health plan choices.

How It Works

  • We connect with your employees to learn about their specific medical needs and concerns.

  • We build out our platform with all employer health and pharmacy benefits information.

  • Using a highly precise proprietary algorithm, we run thousands of calculations. 

  • Employees receive individualized comparative savings reports: a super-clear, highly personalized snapshot of the total cost and worst-case scenario each employee can expect under each health plan option.

  • Our analysts are ready by the phones to confidentially answer questions about the report.

Why Employers Love MyHealthMath Employee Decision Support

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