Health Insurance Decision Support

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Employee Decision Support

Employees and HR departments dread open enrollment because choosing the right health plan—the one that maximizes dollars spent—is too confusing. Reimagine the open enrollment experience with Advanced Employee Decision Support: person-centered decision support that makes choosing the optimal plan easy.

Through incredibly precise data analysis and human-to-human support, MyHealthMath empowers employees to make choices that positively impact their health and their wallet.

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Virtual Health Benefits Fair

Open enrollment is more stressful than ever—more people are working remotely, and more people are worried about their health. Our custom online experience makes it easy to communicate benefits in a time when transparent communication matters more than ever. We partner with your HR team to deliver a personalized Health Benefits Fair experience.

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Enterprise Decision Support

Eighty percent of CFOs feel powerless managing their health spending. With Enterprise Decision Support, that feeling can stop today. Our incredibly accurate data platform makes it possible to choose the most cost-efficient plan structure every year—one that ensures employers and employees get the most out of every dollar they spend. 

Whether you’re introducing a new health plan or want to optimize your current offerings, MyHealthMath Enterprise Decision Support guarantees you make the best decision possible.

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What Makes MyHealthMath Different

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Client Feedback

“MyHealthMath has a really innovative approach to rethinking health insurance options for both employers and employees. They helped Black Duck analyze new plans and then helped each of our employees understand which health plan would be the most affordable for them.”

Stephen Gregorio, CFO, Black Duck Software

“We manage our health insurance offerings carefully to balance our need to attract high quality employees and the expense of these benefits. MyHealthMath allows us to do this with amazing precision.”

Steven Astrove, CEO, Taymil Partners

“MyHealthMath’s full-service decision support solutions are helping me attract and retain key employer clients. Their unique hands-on approach has a big impact on helping employees choose great value health plans.”

George Watts, SVP Employee Benefits & Practice Leader, HUB International

Our Impact

Increase in employees choosing the optimal plan
Savings per employee
Employee satisfaction rate