Findings from Two Reputable Studies Illustrate Importance of Health Plan Decision Support

2020-10-28T10:33:00-04:00October 13th, 2020|Blog, Broker, COVID-19, Employer, Health Benefits Decision Support, Insurer, Open Enrollment|

By helping employees choose their best value health plan, employers can positively impact employees’ health and wallet. Two recent studies from Aflac and the TIAA Institute illustrate that this matters more this year than ever before because: Employees continuously choose the wrong health plan, which affects their long-term ability to save. Helping employees choose [...]

These Behavioral Science Techniques Can Help Employees Choose Better Health Plans

2021-01-09T13:24:32-05:00September 16th, 2020|Blog, Broker, Employer, Health Benefits Decision Support, Open Enrollment|

People don’t like choosing health insurance. Less than 10 percent of people change plans each year and the majority would rather do three hours of intense physical activity than examine their plan choices more closely. Now, that all needs to change – this year may be the most important open enrollment of our lifetime. [...]

Communicating Health Benefits Virtually – Five Tips for Success

2021-01-09T12:44:16-05:00August 13th, 2020|Blog, Broker, COVID-19, Employer, Health Benefits Communication, Open Enrollment|

The shift to remote work means that open enrollment is going to look and feel drastically different this year. The good news? Taking things virtual could actually make it easier for employees to understand the benefits you offer. After all, health benefits are confusing: Only 4 percent of Americans can correctly define deductible, co-pay, [...]

Eliminate Your Employees’ Top Five Health Planning Complaints AND Save Your Company Money

2020-10-28T10:34:21-04:00July 5th, 2020|Blog, Broker, Consumer Directed Health Plans, Employer, Health Benefits Decision Support, Open Enrollment|

We know… it sounds too good to be true. Consumers across the country are frustrated by the ever-increasing costs of health care, and employers are spending millions of dollars on health care plans that seem to only add to that frustration. Employees want better options; employers want to provide them; but no one is [...]