The Flu Vaccine and Your Employees: Three Ways to Promote Wellness

2021-03-05T13:23:35-05:00September 30th, 2020|Blog, Employee Wellness, Employer|

Promoting the flu vaccine is a triple-win for employers. It can increase employee wellness and morale during an incredibly uncertain time. It can reduce the economic burden of flu-related lost workdays (20.1 million in the U.S.). And it can protect employees while the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom. Since all health [...]

Build Resilience in Your Workforce

2021-01-09T13:11:02-05:00September 3rd, 2020|Blog, Broker, Employee Wellness, Employer|

Employees are facing unimaginable upheaval because of COVID-19. They’ve been forced to navigate a transformed virtual workplace while their personal world shrinks to within the limits of quarantines and social distancing. They’ve watched colleagues, family, and friends endure layoffs and furloughs alongside a drastically shrinking economy. They’ve witnessed an unprecedented number of lives lost. [...]