Choosing a health plan should be easy.

It shouldn’t be so hard to choose a health plan that fits your needs and budget. That’s where MyHealthMath excels. Our personalized decision support makes it easy for employees to choose their best-value health plan.

Personal data collection

We collect data on each person’s specific medical needs—the doctor’s they’ll see, the medicines they take, and the life events they’re planning.

Personal results

People trust results that are focused on them. And trust inspires action.

Personal support

Our live analysts are there to support consumers at every step—from collecting their data to reviewing their results.

We Help You Help Your People

Our Solutions

How We Make An Impact

Employees are 4x more likely to choose an optimal plan
Average of $1300 savings per employee
95% employee satisfaction with MyHealthMath approach
Employers can save hundreds of dollars per employee, amounting to thousands of savings annually
Hear why employers love advanced health plan decision support.

“Our employees gave us terrific feedback after using the service. As to my own experience, going through the process was quick and easy and the outcome gave myself and my husband peace of mind that we are in the right program of coverage and cost for our family.”

Cynthia Ring, CPO, CHRO

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

“MyHealthMath quickly and efficiently helped our employees across four different states understand their health plans and which health plan option was optimal for the employee and their families. Their direct communication approach with each employee was invaluable.”

Amy Reininger, VP, CHRO

Summit Utilities

“We’ve been big fans of MyHealthMath for the assistance and clarity they have provided to our employees for the past three years. With their new employer dashboard, we’ve gained insight that we’ve never had before. The time and money saved is invaluable.”

Ivan Salazar, CFO

VIA Advertising Agency

“MyHealthMath turned the daunting task of selecting a health insurance plan during open enrollment into a joy! The MyHealthMath team made choosing a plan a delight because they really listened to my needs, crunched data and details I didn’t readily have to figure out what was in my best interest and gave me confidence in my decision.”

Lorraine Wallace, Associate Director

Premier Medical Institute

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