Decision Support creates transparency – helping employers and employees be better informed and realize meaningful savings 

Good news for Employees…  
Saving money.  Year after year.  Knowing that you've examined all your options.  The ability to analyze options if you have a "life change." And more… 

And good news for Employers… 
Significant and annually recurring savings. Flowing directly to the bottom line.  In the form of reduced premium contributions and lower claim costs.  Available analytics and reporting help employers benchmark, optimize plan choices, and set contribution levels, further controlling overall health care spending.

Here's what we do:

New Hires

We Help Each New Employee choose the Financially optimal Plan

Spouse / Dependent comparison

We Help Each Employee Consider the best plan available for their family

Life changes

As an employee's circumstances change, their financially optimal plan may change as well


Review of all costs of COBRA coverage versus all Individual Market plans

Full Open Enrollment

Open enrollment becomes convenient, easy, and optimal

Analytics and Reporting

All cases (user data) that are generated through MyHealthMath interviews are de-identified and stored in our secure database. MyHealthMath customers can see how their plans benchmark against designated peer groups (geographically based or industry based, or both). Individual or aggregated comparisons of the following are available: 

  • Premiums 
  • Deductible limits  
  • Out of pocket limits  
  • Employer contributions  
    • To premiums 
    • To Health Savings Accounts   
    • Cash provided in lieu of insurance   

Coming Soon

Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance decision support.

  • Are your medications and services covered?  
  • Will you hit the new limits for medications, therapies, and other services?   
  • Will you be ok without supplemental coverage?  
  • Which supplemental coverage provides the benefits you need for your Health Care Usage?  

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