MyHealthMath is a venture backed
Decision Support and Analytics company

With us, it's personal mission. The software was developed after the founder's own experience trying to make sense of 39 different health plan options. "Doing the math" was the only solution. After 25,000 calculations, he saved $1,800 versus the plan that had been recommended to him. Meaningful savings. Every year.

When we started to help employees, we discovered that optimization also saves money for their employers. A classic win/win…

EVERYONE needs health insurance.  We want to help everyone understand which plan is financially optimal based on their unique use of health care. 

We don’t want to rest until we do.


Founder / Business Development

Bob Watterson

Bob Watterson is an entrepreneur with a sales and management background in financial services and technology. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he began his career at Procter & Gamble in their sales management training program.

He moved into financial services and founded First Financial, which became one of New England’s leading mortgage companies (later sold to the mortgage subsidiary of Staten Island Bank). There he conceived and created FirstFacts, one of the mortgage industry's first Decision Support tools, to help consumers navigate the myriad of loan choices. MyHealthMath uses a similar approach, combining consumer interviews with proprietary algorithms to help consumers understand the optimal health plan choice for their unique circumstances.

As VP of Sales at MoneyAisle, a Boston-based startup, he led a team of reps, distribution partners, and systems engineers that generated 350+ financial institution customers for an automated reverse auction system (like a reverse eBay). Banks and Credit Unions used the system to acquire new customers for loans and deposits where and when desired.

Departing MoneyAisle, he was confronted with making a choice for his family from among 39 different health plans, and the concept for MyHealthMath was born.


Tobey Scott

Tobey Scott started and ran a consulting business assisting companies with the then burgeoning use of microcomputer systems and accounting software. Clients included both domestic and multi-national American, Italian, Dutch and French firms operating in the United States. Tobey has assisted over a hundred companies to successfully adopt, implement, troubleshoot and plan as each new wave of technologies has created challenges and opportunities.

Tobey has worked on numerous software development and process design projects involving retail pharmaceutical ops, Medicare/Medicaid billing and third-party administration (TPA) operations. In his consulting capacity he has been closely involved in authoring and implementing financial modeling, financial systems designs and systems integrations for large and small companies.

Over the decades his experience includes working with many accounting software (ERP) systems and multiple customer relation management (CRM) systems; including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Solomon, Sage, and Oracle/PeopleSoft. He has implemented ERP and operational software for many scores of companies. In supporting his client’s technology needs he has dealt with Cloud based systems (Amazon and Azure), complex network systems, software development systems, and SQL database technologies.

Tobey earned his MBA in Information Systems from Pace University, is an alumna of Wabash College and a graduate of Hartwick College.


Nick Cortina

Nick Cortina is an experienced start-up based operations designer, specializing in creating efficient, organized, and customer focused operating systems for new companies. Nick actually started his career while still in high school where he did a floor to ceiling operations design for a family business, Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours.

Nick Joined the MyHealthMath team as an analyst and then moved to operations. He's been instrumental in designing the consumer interview process and reporting systems at the core of MyHealthMath services. In addition to a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Southern Maine, Nick completed an extensive Psychology Internship as a Medication Aide at an Internationally known treatment facility. During this work he gained deep knowledge and experience regarding Prescription Medications, a significant help in creating the relevant databases in the MyHealthMath system.


Mukesh Chatter

Mukesh Chatter is a well-known and successful high-tech entrepreneur and is presently a general partner in an investment firm NeoNet Capital LLC. Mukesh holds 19 patents in Telecom, Data Networking, Semiconductor, and Internet technologies and several more are pending. Mukesh was chosen as one of the top ten entrepreneurs in 1999 by the Red Herring magazine; he was also named Rensselaer Entrepreneur of the Year 2001. He has been widely covered by prestigious US and international media outlets over the years. He is on the advisory board of two venture capital firms and is also on the governing board of the Center of Indic Studies at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Additionally, Mukesh serves on the boards of multiple start-ups. He is a member of the parents’ advisory council at Georgetown University. Mukesh and his wife Priti are keenly interested in usage of science and technology to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged globally and have funded several projects.

He holds a Master's degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.


NeoNet Capital - Burlington Massachusetts


NeoNet Capital invests in out-of-the-box, innovative solutions for IT, alternative energy, specialized materials, telecom, and fin-tech. We are particularly interested in early stage companies with bright and passionate entrepreneurs addressing the global market.

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