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for Health Insurance

We integrate your unique projected health usage with all available health plans to calculate the financially optimal plan before you enroll

Health Insurance - an ever increasing expense with ever increasing complexity.

And most people have no idea how to pick a health plan. Nor are they aware that choosing the wrong plan could be costing them (and their employers) thousands of dollars every year.

MyHealthMath's proprietary software instantly performs thousands of complex calculations based on each person’s unique projected medical usage, helping identify the most financially optimal plan.

The result is a “Health Care Pay Raise” for most individuals and families, and measurable savings for Employers.


MyHealthMath spends a few minutes interviewing each person to understand their projected annual medical usage. Our report shows the combination of net premiums and net Out of Pocket expenses.

We use health plan data and projected medical usage from each individual to identify the financially optimal plan. We also perform "worst case" calculations to consider in the event of serious injury or illness.

The report, and a simple explanation, are emailed to the employee right away.

We've worked diligently to perfect our streamlined, efficient process. Employees love it - take a look at our customer survey graphs!

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